Frequently Asked Questions

When can I bring my adopted pet home?
Once the adoption application is approved, the adoption will be finalized and celebrated, and your new family member will be ready to come home.
What are the fees to adopt an animal?
$500 for puppies under 1 year
$400 for adult dogs 1yr and older
$300 for a pair of kittens (must be adopted in pairs)
$200 for a single cat or bonded pair
Why are the adoption fees so high?
All of the animals at Faith Haven Rescue are cared for in either foster or sanctuary homes, with their food, medical treatment, transport, etc. paid for. Not all animals are readily adopted, and we must be able to keep each for as long as necessary, and in a happy, healthy home environment. Your adoption fees help cover some of those costs.
Can I reserve an animal? 
With a full application and full payment, yes, but not for an unlimited time. If the reserved pet is not picked up on the agreed to dat, he/she will be put back on the available list.  Your pre-paid adoption fee is not refundable. 
If I decide to return the animal, can I get a refund of my adoption fee?
You can return an animal at any time, no questions asked, with your money refunded, less a $100 fee. 
Where should I go to neuter my animal?
Your new family member will be neuter/spayed before he/she comes home. No animal will be rehomed without first being neuter/spayed. The spay/neuter is included in your adoption fee.
Are there prerequisites to adopting?
To adopt you must be 21+ years of age, have a valid photo ID, and proof of residence. 
Why can't I adopt a kitten to be a solo cat?
We only adopt kittens out in pairs or to a home with another young cat in the interest of healthy socialization and development. This is in the best interest of the kittens.
What if I already have an animal?
Any current animals in the adopting household must be up to date with all vaccinations, and we suggest a meet and greet for all animals who will be cohabitants.
Can I adopt the animal as a gift?
The person that will be responsible for the new family member must be present at the time of the adoption and should sign the adoption contract.  We are sorry, but animals may not be adopted as gifts. 
Does Faith Haven offer trial adoptions?
While we are unable to offer trial adoptions, we do encourage Fostering-to-Adopt to make sure the new furry family member is the right fit for your family. Fosters have first dibs to adopt and will have ten days before we begin accepting adoption applications applications the dog or cat.
Are the sizes and weight listed accurate?
The sizes and weights are estimates to the best of our knowledge. Please be prepared for a puppy to be larger or smaller than expected. If you would like size guarantee, please consider adopting a fully grown animal (1 year or older). 

If you still have questions for us, please do not hesitate to contact us by using our contact form or by emailing kelly@faithhavenrescue.org.